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Smoked Beer Can Chicken

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I am smoking my first set of birds today (I bought the dual whole chickens from Costco). This will be the second time I have used my 22.5" WSM. I plan on using the beer can method which I have successfully done several times on my Char-grilled charcoal grill with indirect heat without wood chunks. This would be the first time I have ever smoked beer can chicken. I would appreciate advice on the type of wood, temperature, prepping the chicken, anything to make it moist and flavorful.


I have read allot of brining and injection but I don't have enough time to brine as I plan on getting the chickens on the grill by 4 PM CST today

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I wouldn't brine or inject a BCC.  IMHO the beer should add the moisture and the rub should add the flavor.  But that's just me - a lot of folks inject.  I'd cook it at 325-350*F dome temp in an effort to get crisp skin.  To get there you might leave the water pan empty and possibly even place a skewer between the lid and center section.  I like apple on poultry but other woods like peach and cherry are good as well.  Good luck! › Groups › WSM Owners (Weber Smokey Mountain) › Discussions › Smoked Beer Can Chicken