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Originally Posted by fowldarr View Post

Got it all seasoned up with some seasoning and butter under the skin. Stuffed the innards with fruit (I stole that idea from someone on here) but I dusted my fruit with some rub before the stuffing.

Started the cabelas brand propane smoker just a touch of water in the pan, and some apple wood.

Fruit in the bird? Atta boy!!!  Nice looking turkey! And yes IMHO the fruit will help to keep the bird moist.  Also if you use lime and orange it really can bring out great flavor. B

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That's a nice brine! I have a 22 lb turkey on my plate for the department Thanksgiving potluck at work.

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I generally fry two turkeys for Thanksgiving but this year I am going to fry one and smoke one.  I plan to buttermilk brine the one for smoking and inject the one from frying.  I will also stuff the one for smoking with apples, oranges and limes.  Should be great, the both of them.

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Sounds great bear and Dave, I'll just go to work with Dave that day, and plan on thanksgiving at bears house.

In all seriousness Dave, I did a turkey that size once. It was tough because of the size. Temps were all over the place. So last time I had to do a lot of turkey I did two smaller birds and found it much easier to manage.
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This year, I bought all the grillers and smokers in my extended family Turkey Cannons  I will busing mine for this big bird.  Brine for 24 hours, and possibly inject as well.  It's gotten cold here in Iowa, so the Green Mountain Grill will be in use.  It will hold the heat.  I'll post as it goes along.  Dr. Dave

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I need a good brine and rub recipe for a turkey Im smoking for Thanksgiving Id appreciate some suggestions, no Cajun recipes please?

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I use a maple sugar cure and a cup of brown sugar for my brine.  I think they ship.  PM me if you want the website.

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If we're home we usually do two or three turkeys around Thanksgiving; one for soups, one on Thanksgiving, and another to have cooked meat in the freezer we can use for whatever strikes our fancy.  I typically brine all my turkeys but this year I'm going to play with one of them.


An all natural 18.3 pounder is in the WSM right now on a turkey cannon loaded with a little cheap chardonnay.  The turkey wasn't brined, no fat (butter or oil) on or under the skin, just some Cajun spice on the dry skin.  It will most likely be our soup turkey, though I'm pretty sure I'll be eating turkey sandwiches at work this week from it.  I'm running the WSM between 325 and 350F with hickory and cherry. 


The one I'll do for Thanksgiving I'll use my orange juice poultry brine, a bit of a modification of Alton Brown's recipe that includes a little pink salt #1.  It will hit the brine Tuesday night after I get home from work.  I'll use the turkey cannon on it too and the same wood. Our Thanksgiving turkey is usually gone by the end of the holiday weekend. 


The last turkey will get brined with apple cider, maple syrup, spices and a little cure #1.  I usually pick the last turkey up the day after Thanksgiving when they go on sale for half off or more.  That one will definitely be freezer meat.


I save the necks, skin, and carcasses of all three in the freezer to make turkey stock for soups that also ends up going back in the freezer once prepared.  Man oh man we love turkey!   


Happy Thanksgiving all!  Enjoy the holidays!        

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Lots of good turkey brine recipes out there. I recommend the search bar at the top and pick one that sounds good to you.
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Ahhh, the minimalist effort turkey is done.  It was all natural, no injections.  Took the smoker about 45 mins to come up to temp, then smoked the 18.3 lb bird on a turkey cannon at 325F for 3 hrs 15 mins until thigh temp was 165F.  Moist breast, crispy, flavorful skin, but lacking the deep flavor a good brine/injection provides.  I also prefer the texture of breast meat that has been denatured by the brine/injection.  Yep, definitely using this one for soups but it was nice to have fresh turkey for the first time in quite a while. 


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What did you put in the infuser of the cannon?

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Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post

What did you put in the infuser of the cannon?

I used an in expensive chardonnay white wine.  Well, this bottle was free actually, something we received as part of a gift pack I knew we'd never drink.  In the past I've used water, chardonnay, 7-up, beer, apple juice but we liked the cheap white wine the best.  They all work and when the cannon is steaming properly will add flavor to the meat and drippings.  The trick to make the turkey cannon steam properly is not to fill it full.  Only put about a half to 3/4 cup of liquid in the cannon. 


I wasn't concerned about drippings today because I wasn't making gravy or cooking veggies in the drippings.  On Thanksgiving I'll use the same bottle for the cannon and put the rest of the white wine in the drip pan filled with veggies (potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, apples).  The white wine makes the poultry seasoned veggies in the drippings taste incredible. 


For cleanup of the turkey cannon I suggest a bottle cleaner.  Makes cleaning the inside of the cannon a breeze.  Also if you spray the cannon and its structure with olive oil inside and out it easily wipes clean in soapy dishwater. 

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Tuesday, a 22lb bird in my Green Mountain Grill. Cooked at 265 degrees for 6 hours.  The best turkey I have done.  This was for the work department potluck.  No leftovers! Though the carcass is making soup.


I used a turkey cannon infuser which shortened the cooking time by basting the interior of the turkey.  The GMG has a strong IR component which shortens the cooking time.




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I've got a 21 lb turkey to put on gas smoker. Should I half turkey or whole? How long and what temp. Kind of new with this smoker.
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