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Originally Posted by Doug Kiser View Post

DaveOmak,don't know where to contact you? New to smart phones. Try to send pics. Cc is 26" by 50" by 3/8.fb is 22" 24 by 3/8 wall.Need to know the size the football cutout is.Which will determine how high the rf plate is.Thanks Mister Dave!

The above question has been answered in your original thread.....

Mouse over "DaveOmak" and click on "send PM"....
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Pics added to previous post
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Well got rf plat in and trailer Frame started have to weld flange on end up Ed plate still. door hinges welded on. Used the web of 12" Ibeam for Rf plate.

Thinking 3/8" round bar with 1 or 1 1/2 angle iron for the cooking grate. 3/16x2x2 angle for grate slides and fire rack.

Have to pick up a sheet of 1/4" plate to make end caps and divider between CC and curing chambers. Pipe for the fire box was cut horribly, so need to square it up.
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Picked up sheet of 1/4" plate to get caps, FB door, and warmer done. Everything cut on Friday between rain showers. Finished about 2 hours before the bottom fell out of the sky. We have gotten 7" of rain here at my place thank to the stalled cold front and remnant of hurricane Patricia. 5.7" of which has been in the last 24 hours thank God, we've needed it bad here. Once it dries out some will get all of this buzzed down and welded up.

Cut and buzzed down fit perfect inside on first shot with slight interference fit.

Warmer box parts lined up in respective positions.

Fit of warmer box back/ cook chamber end cap


Rain gauge shortly after I woke up this morning!

Used cardboard for templates for caps and measured seemed like 5 times on all straight parts. Slowly coming together.
Torch running much better thanks to parts from jim at regulator and torch exchange after realized my well used regulators were creeping after no use for quite some time.

Question. What kind of vents would anybody recommend?
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to clarify the question from my last post, pie vents, rectangular slide vents, hole sawed vents as ribwizzard made on #29?
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What ever fits best on your design of smoker....
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Fire Rack heights in the mentioned fire box, do any vents have advantages over others in long term reliability of adjustment. Easy of adjustment…
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Fire box door completed, all caps in place. Need pipe for stack metal for grates, and a couple hinges for the warmer box door as far as major parts go.
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Looking good....
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Stack in place and will play with the length as I get to using it. Will need to add a heat shield on the firebox end to even the temps out. Have nearly a 30* temp variation between both sides. Drafts quite well once warmed up. One rack built other almost done, and debating on how big for top rack.

Oh yeah and some q view!

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Well had some issues with maintaining a good fire and not getting a decent draft.... Added some to chimney which seems to have fixed that problem. Warner box door installed and sealed in place have to cut hole to C.C.stil but without hole can maintain about 175 in Warmer. All racks built. 3/8" frames wih 1/4" bars on 1.25" centers.

Thanksgiving day smoke nearly got trashed due to the rain. Thanks to my daughter seeing me struggle w awning in the wind and rain and coming to held me we got it squared away and she saved the day for her old man.

Getting a pair of axles from my pastor for $150 just need tires on the rims. (Other axle will become a utility trailer one day.)

Coming along slow but sure! Pics of progress to come later.
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kfd, morning..... What was the stack height prior to and what is the stack height now.... Above the CC measurement... Just curious...

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Hah hah cutting that trailer up proved to be my match!

Former travel trailer frame, bumper pull converted to goose neck.
Military portaroad decking was used as floor deck and then wrapped around the front. The gooseneck was then welded to this decking NOT the frame. The only thing attaching the neck to the frame was two 18" long 4" Chanel irons welded to the front corner of the original frame. The donor goose neck was extended about 18" and hutch tub top to bottom had about a 2" can't to it due to the patch pieces being welded in crooked and one side being nearly an inch longer then the other also put it off center from the axle square but about 3". Slag filled welds just threw crap everywhere while trying to cut them. Ended up having to cut the corrugated decking around the welds and trying to find all the welds one by one. Little bit more to do and will have my axles.
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37" initial, 60 now
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Try building a huge fire to preheat the entire smoker then adjust heat for smoking... See if that makes a difference... most folks start out with too small a fire and the steel doesn't get up to temp throughout the smoker... Cold spots screw up the air flow...
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