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Misfit brisket point

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With only 3 of us in this household I rarely have the need to do a big smoke. So I look for smaller cuts and work with that. I scored a small trimmed brisket point (my favorite) yesterday and smoked it last night. I'll have some BB ribs out later this afternoon and will post them as well.


After a rub nap:



Smoked at 220* all night with Fruitawood hickory and a bit of peach (peach is awesome BTW). Mostly hickory as I like em nice a smokey. No wrap since it was the point. Took it to 203* IT and wrapped up for a nap this am for an hour. It must have finished just before I got up this am since my Smokin-It #2 was at 200* and the IT was still at 201*. I use a PID so I can sleep well and a bit late if I want. 


She came out with awesome bark and moist as all get out as you would expect the point:



 Melts in your mouth. Ribs later today. 


EDIT- Added ribs


Here are the ribs: 



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Great pics!  I could absolutely TASTE that brisket point!  Thanks for the post.

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Tasty looking Brisket! Nice Smoke!!
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Oddly enough, my son, 13yo, who loves BB ribs didn't like these. I thought these were some of the best I have done. Go figure. 

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Nice looking point!
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Congrats on no wrap, try a packer that way , great :drool

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

Congrats on no wrap, try a packer that way , great :drool




Yep, I'd like to do a  packer. With the holidays coming maybe I'll have a reason to do that much meat. Pure flats are the only thing I wrap. I can easily get small flats so I end up doing those a good bit to get my brisket fix. Bu I love points better. 

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Looks really good. We've got some friends coming over next weekend and I'm doing a packer and some ribs as well.

I'm with you on the points
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Great looking chow.  thumb1.gif  I sure wish that they sold the point by itself around here.  I'd be a regular customer.

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