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Sounds good Ray! Glad to hear you're catching some fish!

I've read the info you're referring to about the pumping, I was wondering if you did anything different.

For buckets, I went to eat at a restaurant last week and scored 4 pickle buckets with lids. Gonna stuff a couple with brine and birds soon!
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That sounds good to me CB, what could go wrong with pickling  in pickle buckets? Hell, I wish I had a few right now! I caught fish in the ocean and got skunked again on the river, been out a dozen times on the river for nothing. Makes me miss my ocean boat a bit, but not the clean-up or gas bill, for sure. I'll be ready in the spring to chase trout and kokes with my new hip, my wife loves to fish. I've got a few old friends who I got on some hogs that'll take me out on their ocean boats for some salmon, everything always seems to work out. Oh, and no I don't do a darned thing different from what I copied and posted, I never take any chances when it comes to food safety. When I got Rytec's book when I first got into sausage and meat smoking the little blurb about botulism made a real impact on me. Day one your sick, day two you're most likely too sick to get to a doctor, and feeling things will be better tomorrow, day three you are dead. Best to pay attention to detail and be safe. RAY

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I agree 110%!!! That's the very reason I tossed a full salmon filet yesterday. After coming out of the cure, it didn't smell right. Not rancid, but had an off smell. Broke my heart to do it, but botulism isn't anything to mess with.

As for fishing, my boat is sitting in mud right now. Our lake is 10 feet low, so no fishing for me until (if) it comes back up.
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Heck, if you want to fish a lake in California they're advising that you bring your own water. If we don't have a real wet winter we're actually thinking of moving north to Oregon, just finish out life up that way. California would have plenty of water to go around if they weren't irrigating a desert and shipping all the water south. Ah well, things should get interesting next spring. RAY

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