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Okie Dokie, I can understand that. The reason I told joeyfine not to smoke that bird was in regard to the smoking time and temp guidelines I used on my turkey legs, He had seemed to be looking for some direction and as he has a electric smoker with fairly similar temp ranges as mine  I was afraid he might follow the guidelines in that post, which without the use of nitrite could be quite unsafe. I smoke my own sausage, belly and Canadian bacon, wild hog hams and poultry without the smoker temperature ever being raised above 185º, so cure must always be used. I've done plenty of pulled pork and ribs at the 225º-250º range but always thought of that as slow-roasting, not smoking. I now know the difference and stand corrected, and I'll be sure to post the entire recipe in the future. RAY
PS: I don't know what "Q-view" means.
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This is Q-VIEW!!



Any photos having to do with smoking or grilling!


Here's a handy list of smoking Acronyms used here: (it looks blank, just scroll down)

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Ha, cool, thanks for that! About the only ones I knew were EVOO and BGE. RAY

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I've smoked at least 10 turkeys now.  I aim for a 14lb.  I brine then the night before and previously I had a crappy brickman smoker from the depot and it was hard to get it over 225.  I'd smoke it right about 225 for 8 hrs. I lace bacon over the bird during the entire smoke.  Comes out perfect every time.  Now I have a WSM, but I'm still going to aim for <250F for >6hrs while watching the temp of the bird.  

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I have smoked many turkeys in my Masterbuilt electric smoker with great results. I don't brine my birds either. I rub it with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Than I smoke it til done.
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I've smoked probably 25 Turkeys on my MES 40.  I have never used pink salt on poultry. I bet I've smoked near 800 pounds of chicken and I have never made anyone sick either! :icon_biggrin:


The only things I do is split the bird in half and brine for at least 12 hours.  Then it's 250-260 for 2-3 hours than up to 325 until 165' in the breast/thigh.  If I want extra smoke I use my AMNPS for the first 3-4 hours.


BTW...  I have a 14 pounder on the MES right now!!


Good luck.

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5.5 hours @ 250. In foil now. Dinner in about an hour
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