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another way to treat a steak...

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I was looking through FB and saw an idea I use a lot when we have the $ for the Sirloin type steaks found at Mkts.


I do not have Q-view of them , :deadhorse: , but here's what I do...


I love my Pico de Gallo (fresh Salsa) and when left over , I will take a "Ranch Steak" and marinade it overnight in it for a wonderful taste after cooking , and the heat is milder and makes the meat tenderer .


here's my Pico recipe :




Green onions (Chopped)

Tomatoes (chopped)

Garlic (fresh chopped)

S/P to taste

Yellow onion(if wished)

Cumin (to taste)

Jalapeno or Serrano Chiles ( chopped and seeded if needed) I like the Serrano better because of it's flavor and heat.   You can use any chile you want and go to the heat you want .

Sugar (because I add it to most everything :rolleyes:)

Lime juice


Mix as much as you need and the leftovers to cover your Steak and cook quickly to your preference .


*notice I did not say the measurements as this is (IMHO) a factor you set for your palate and needs...


I don't do this on Rib-eyes , T-Bones , Porters ... any high cost Steak , as it tends to break the fibers down makes a well marbled Steak mushy.


As I said , lower cost , less fatty muscle steaks.


Enjoy ,



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Sounds pretty darn tasty to me Stan! Might just have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing
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Cool Idea, Stan!!Thumbs Up


I gotta try that when I get some less Marbly Steaks!!


If Oldschool says it's good, it's definitely worth a try!!!




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Beef, chicken, pork and fish are all good done that way!!!

Now where's the Q-view of you cooking this up in your new smoking shed?????
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Thanks Stan.............Thumbs Up

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As soon as this damn Pneumonia is cleared and Momma says OK , I'll be back out and doing my thing... :frown:  Don't tell her , but I too the trash out in the Rain today. Cabin fever got too strong...


Trash is next to the Q-Bana and I went in to look at things and got Smoke Fever , so I came back in and took a portion of Ribs out and chowed down...:drool

  had these BB's and heated them up...

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LOL----You're good to go, Stan----We won't Squeal !!!


Those Ribs should make you feel better real quick!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up



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Hello my Friend.  Been a while.  Sorry to hear you are under the weather.  What a great idea!  When I smoke almost anything and when I make Tex-Mex the Pico is always made.  I don't use the lime juice or cumin.  I do add fresh cilantro.  For a marinade I can see how the lime juice should be added to break down a tougher cut of meat.  If properly marinaded I could even see this working on a quickly grilled rump steak.  Gonna give this a try!  Hope you feel better soon.  Keep Smokin!


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