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Well fortunately for the neighbors, we have 5 acre parcels so if that were to happen, I'd be the only homeless guy in the area. Haha well damn, im gonna have to go buy another 10 foot piece of material. Thanks for the advice DaveOmak. The door is pretty much sealed tight so I'm going to go with the hole idea. How many and how big you think?
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I'd do with 6 or so 1" holes spread out.... you don't want a single air stream... you want a gentle 'flow' of air .... AND.... Under the stove, I would put a non flammable base.... raise it up from the floor about 1/2" or so... as an air gap.... continuous heat from the stove could catch the floor on fire... a friend laid a piece of cement board directly on the wooden floor of his smoker and the floor charred under the cement board.... Air gaps do wonders to stop heat conduction....
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Alright so I ended up going with a nice cast iron floor register for air intake and kept the exhaust in the ceiling for now (if I need to bolt a catch pan on the bottom side of the exhaust pipe, I will do and thanks dave for the advice there) Haven't had much time to work on the smoker, between work and the MRS. Expecting our first child Jan 20th so I had to spend my last few weekends doing carpet, painting, trim, hauling furniture, etc (nursery for baby girl) BUT I finally got her wrapped up and ready for smokin'! Well I need a hand taking the top off so I can get her outta the garage so it will be officially ready tomorrow... Drum roll please

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Damn fine job boss. The exhaust cover gives it a nice touch!
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Great looking smokehouse, let us know how she does!

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NICE !!!!!
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She's up n smokin' letting her cure up n runnin a lil smoke through her gills...headed to the store to get all the ingredients for my double duty brine and be makin the first batch of smoked coho/king

26° out and holding 250 no problem at a medium flame... hopefully I can dial her in to around 145-150 for the salmon. Figure run it up to 100 while putting smoke to her for a few hours then crank her up for the final cookin. Just wanna say thanks for everybodies ideas and input on finishing this thing. Hopefully she'll be smokin for many years to come. If anybodies interested, I used olympic elite mountain cedar stain to give it the rustic dark look and protect the color from fading. Will post some pics of the first run of salmon.
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Keep Smokin!!!
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Wow, I am impressed! That is a project to be proud of for sure. Would be a nice addition to any back yard! Mine for sure...:biggrin:

If your salmon comes out as good as your build you will be a star!

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Hey thanks bud. This same recipe in my old little chief did wonders so we will see. Kinda rushing it as I go back to work in the am, so brining time is getting cut back a little but it should still be good. Its a teryaki, brown sugar based recipe. I use it on my jerkeys mainly but turned out phenomenal on salmon as well. Will post pics later today of the outcome.
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Back yard got a little nicer ;) almost too pretty to put outside
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First batch came out pretty damned tasty I must say. Had some issues with my regulator freezing up but with a little redneck engineering, I got her workin perfectly.

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Tasty looking Fish! Nice smoke! I've never had a regulator freeze up, even when smoking in 20° weather.

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Wow, your fish looks perfect! I am really impressed with your build. Looks awesome in every aspect!

I am thinking our salmon recipes may be similar!

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Well the night prior I did a test run and had no issues and it was 24° out. Filled up the tank and had problems but it was warmer outside 30°. So idk what the issue was
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Not sure but could it be high humidity? With both burners going on that heater you are pulling a lot of propane through the regulator. I have had frost form on my tank a time or two while camping and running the BBQ on high! Not sure that has any thing at all to do with your issue though?

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Im guessing it was just condensate from getting the tank filled up and leaving the hose out in the elements disconnected for the hour or so that I was gone because like I said, had no issues the night prior. Eventually, I hope to swap over to electric just for health and safety concerns but I was impressed with how fast the propane heat got it up to temp with such a small flame. Used less than a quarter tank of fuel for a 6 hour smoke.
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