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I tried making peach cobbler a little different this time. Instead of putting the butter in the batter, I melted it in the skillet. Also instead of draining the peach juice I used it and added 1 Tbs of cornstarch. I added the peaches to the butter and the batter on top.


In the oven now at 350.

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You know this is going to be good



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It looks good. It is sitting on the grill outside. If it ever cools I'll get to try some.


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My mouth is watering



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The picture didn't turn out. I tried some while it was still warm and it is a little loose. I think it will be perfect when it gets cold.

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Man that looks great.

Add some icecream.
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What do you mean cools? A burnt tongue is a happy tongue! Ya know when ya ain't got none, ya really miss those teeth especially when its something hot....ROFLMAO!


Peach is my mostest favorite!

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I have a few apples that I need to use up, going to try this one tonight or tomorrow.  I'm with Foam, I love a warm desert!  Thumbs Up

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Can't beat a good hot cobbler or pie




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I gotta say I felt just like I was all dirty sitting by a campfire...... Those are fond memories and the recipe was perfect! My skillet was a bit big, and apparently my ovens's 350 ain't the same as yours but it came out great.



It was a great sweet fix! Not too much, really perfect.



We don't mention how much is missing only how good it was!



And a little ice cream made it perfect +1...... LOL.


Thanks Woodcutter, I filed it in my recipe book as a verified keeper.

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