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when serving ribs?

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do you cut them all individually or cut 2-3 together or how many?

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I like to slice them as singles whether serving large or small groups.

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I agree singles are easier to eat and less chance of waste.
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I usually try to cut singles first.. but then they end up doubles or triples because the bone falls right out when I grab hold.  Not that I complain any... Nor do guests who get the pleasure of dining with me.  :grilling_smilie:

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Originally Posted by jarjarchef View Post




yeahthat.gif  X 2...



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I like to cut spare ribs into individual bones...  Like on the picture below.  With baby backs since there is less meat, I usually cut them into quarter racks.  So 2-3 rib bones together for a 'serving'


Spare Ribs on the chopping block (about to be devoured).

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Two or three bone sections for me.

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with baby back I typically do 2 ribs per portion, don't care how many you take, spare ribs individually.


just my two cents,


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