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Your to kind. Steamed fish is such a great thing.You really taste the fish,a few aromatics of course.

Those snapper are the backbone of the restaurant trade,great fish.

I do like Pinot Gris & summer is the time to drink it.

Abalone gets shipped to Asia.I saw on TV that its a big thing at wedding receptions in Hong Kong ,real status thing.

I think seared your style would be more my thing.

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I grabbed this awhile back.It might come on your radar .Only cost $14.


From the Mendoza region of Argentina ,Valle de Uco to be exact.

Black fruits &.plums about 14%

You know way more about malbec than me .Here it goes in blends don't see many straight malbecs although there are some very old vines in S.A. They do a few in France somewhere,Cahors maybe?

This is great for the price. I will get some wagyu flank or hanger steak from the posh butcher shop at the fish markets& do a little char grilled number with some chimichurri.Channel my inner gaucho.:biggrin:

Do you get many Argentinean wines in your neck of the woods?

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Hi Mick! Those swanky weddings with the colorful shells sound like really something! What a gourmet treasure!


On Cahors, we DO get a lot of Malbec here and years ago it was my favorite grape - and the word on my car's license plate even for a couple years - though now I'm back to my heavier reds, Cab, Amarone, Tannat, Barolo and some of the more autere Bordeaux blends too.


Nonetheless, Malbec was a great bang for the buck pick back then and for the most part still is except for the South American vineyards that have been bought by Americans who added more chemicals and changed the wine.


"Alamos" used to be an easy and delicious "house wine" for nightly gulping - both their Malbec and Bonarda as well. (Argentina). Then, our "Gallo" clan bought it (USA) and it did change! I no longer buy that one but there are numerous others.


In any event, such fantastic posts you've got here! Thank you!!! Cheers! - Leah

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My recent eats have been simple.
Some pan seared balsamic emu with asparagus & shallots - paired with Bordeaux, and then some barely seared scallops with wheat free brown rice fusili pasta.
not sure what today brings but am off to go discover that! CHEERS!

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We don't know what to make South American wine here. We ship winemakers over there & there are some joint ventures making wine but it can be a bit hit & miss.
I hate " industrial " wines where ever they are made. My country makes some rubbish at the bottom end way to much sugar & lots of short cuts
That's a nice Malbec & it's just a nice change from Aussie wines.
Your food looks wonderful as usual . Still on the trail of some wallaby to show you.The veal if the kangaroo clan.
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I'd love to see some wallaby Mick! And I'd love to try some! I've never had it and thus feel deprived! Cheers! - Leah

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