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Beef Summer Sausage Success

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Last year I had a failed attempt at Summer Sausage. My daughter asked why I had blistered feet hanging to dry!!!

We mixed up a 4lbs batch of LEMs Summer Sausage kit and 80/20 ground.

Sorry... no mix pics or Q-view smoking time shots.

We stuffed a pound of 21 mm snack sticks and three 1lb chubs.

First I smoked the sticks. 2hr at 120deg, 2 hrs with bourbon barrel chips at 145. 1 hr at 150 no smoke and then 165 for about 2 hr up to an IT of 153. Water bath and hung.

Time for the chubbs. I had them hung up to dry so I only did 1 hr 120deg to dry. The 4hr of bourbon barrel smoke at 145. Then up to 165 until it hit an IT of 153...about 4 hr more. Ice bath and hung for a bit. Finally, in the fridge over night.

Even my daughter and her teenage friends that were at the house this morning said it was good and the first 1/2 chub vanished. The rest I vacuumed sealed... might have been a mistake :)
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Looking good. Thumbs Up

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Nice smoke! I actually slice and vac pack our summer sausage. It's easier to hide in the freezer. That's how I get to actually have some!
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Dang it that looks great very nice job, sure looks like it worked for you this time.


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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