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BRISKET and BACON stuff for Fla Ga game

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Had a few pals over for the game and made a few bacon treats for the game


Started out with a 6lb brisket

Injected and Marinated wednesday night



Jalapenos being prepped



These are bacon cups filled with hamburger and topped with american cheese


Bake em first in the oven to get the bacon crisp and molded like a bowl



Then into the smoker for an hour after filled for a nice smokey taste



Red jalapeno pepper stuffed with snow crab and seafood cheese spread 




Bacon wrapped BANANAS rolled in brown sugar



Bacon candy covered in brown sugar and smoked for a couple hours

I sandwiched this between two old bradly grills to keep it flat



Some salmon pieces covered with a variety of spices from sweet to hot

brown sugar, curry, blackening seasoning, jerk seasoning



Brisket ready  about 13 hours hitting 205 temp



Shredded and ready for cole slaw and sandwiches




Food was good but the game was better!

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Now that's cool.  Looks great.  How long to cook the bananas?

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I get them a little green still so they dont get too mushy

Smoke for about two hours so the bacon cooks good

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How could the game be better? Looks great to me!
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My god! Are you sure what you did wasn't illegal?
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Not much can be better than whopping the Bulldogs
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My 3 year old is heading your way! Bacon wrapped sugar coated banana you have her favorite 3 foods in one nice package! Great work on all the chow.
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Nothing illegal
The cardiologists might not approve though
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It all looks GREAT! it is hard to beat bacon.

Happy smoken.


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Wow!  That is some nice work right there!  The bananas are a great idea!

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WOW, alot of great food.

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Nice,  looks great




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