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Ok Ok I swear I get a minute soon to come back, but heres and update.


Three hours in to the smoke. I love using Mr Bear's time temp inceasing chart to get max smoke benifits in the maximun amout of time.




I am going to hate myself, but into the pot to 152 IT, BTW never exceeded 130 IT in the 4 hours of smoke.






Then into the ice bath to cool its temper down.



Then wiped dry and into the reefer.



Oh yes.... the hammie stix!



OK, I swear I will soon be back with the conclusion, cut aways, and final comments.

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Looks great Foam.
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Wow, looks great!
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Nice thread Foam, all this looks just awesome & very tasty ! beercheer.gif
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Looking good

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Last set of pictures, wow what a day!


Sausages, reg. smoked cajun type! I have some in a pan cooking for supper, Mmmmm........ The lady down the road brought me from fresh cabbage today....... No, just going to have sausage and crackers for supper. Hell I am still full of gumbo from lunch. Besides gumbo Baby sis brough a huge box of Popeye's crispy too! Nope, nope.. just sausage and crackers.




Hot cajun sausage as you can see those cute little bity cayenne peppers on the cutting board. I really love these. That have a heat that radiates after you eat them. Its not over powering but you know there was some pepper but its good pepper!!




Well maybe a better picture, sorry can't really tell if its my eyes out of focus or the pictures anymore...LOL. Thats some spice sausage, nothing at all is understanded in any link...LOL




Oh and for the most amazing discovery of the day? Hammy Stix!! Thank you Woodcutter!! And everyone else that has  taken me in as a bastard red headed step child and shared the enlightenment. Folks here are great. Almost as great as these hammy stix! Ya know they are so good, I bet I could sell them out on the side of the road! I bet they would bring more than jerky!





ZOMG, if you never try another snack stick these seriously can't be missed!



They are sweet, they are just awesome, I just can't believe I made something that good without someone showing how. Woodcutter out standing recipe!!


OK, gumbo is warmed again and folks getting worried they are not getting any.....Pfft.... like someone ever left this house hungry!


Be back with responces in a min.


Thanks for looking BTW. Try those hammy stix!! Total awesome sauce!

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Very nice, Kevin...they look great!

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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Tasty looking pile of sausages Kevin! Wish I had some more time on my hands to get more into the sausage making!

Its one of those things like golf, its fun but ya gotta understand the game and have the right tools and not sweat the small stuff.....LOL


Thank you Case.

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Originally Posted by Darwin101 View Post

Nice looking links Mr Foam!  I'll bring the beer, what time do we eat?  :yahoo:


Thank you, and we'll eat whenever you get here.

Originally Posted by Bad Santa View Post

All looks really good Foam, after all that grinding I bet you have forearms like Popeye.LOL


Nice job on twisting those links too. Can't wait to hear how well you liked them all.


Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again. I really liked them. The Amephos seems to really plumb them up, but there is nothing I can complain about concerning the taste. We just cooked a couple for supper. LOL Pop also DEMANDED it to be accompanied by a Hammy snack! ROFLMAO

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Foamy, morning... I'll work on Saturday for your grub.....

About the "Flashing" in the 40.... that's the 1200 watt element... as a suggestion..... place some stove pipe wire, or rebar wire, under the chip pan to elevate it... that should reduce the temp level to cause some smoldering... or place a piece of thin steel on the element to "displace/spread" the heat around... small adjustments should tune up the smoke making ability....


Yeah but like me you work cheap, these guys favor word is overtime! I will say this though, they day they started 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, it drizzled and we have not had anything but beautiful days ever since.


I am still learning the MES40, it should have a different name cause its nothing like a MES30! But its fun and time consuming.

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Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Dang it Foam that looks great, for hanging rods just go and pick up some hardwood dowels and flatten on two ends so they don't roll on ya.


Good looking smoke going on


A full smoker is a happy smoker and yours looks happy,happy,happy




Thank you, Its just one of those things which isn't as big a priority. But when things get back to normal around here...... just look out! LOL


Thanks I apprceaite th compliment  sorry to be so slow repling to everyone too.


Originally Posted by Welshrarebit View Post

That looks absolutely stunning! I haven't seen the finished product but I don't need to...



Thank you thank you, I think I surprized myself. I was figuring these to be that first batch you remember everything you forgot and give away to the neighbors dog. LOL..... Those snack stix are easy and Everyone here as gone nuts over them


Originally Posted by Disco View Post

Your sausage looks to die for!. The only problem is it is too warm down south to store it. It is just the right temperature here in the mountains. I would be happy to store it for you and you could just ask for it when you wanted it.




Thank you sir, I really apprecaite the compliment.


We had a freeze warning last night... I was scared! So I made sausage instead. I mean it already ground and just chillin in the reefer anyway.


Man you gotta try those hammy sticks. SWMBO'd will ask for some in her Christmas stocking! Brownie points!

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Originally Posted by kesmc27 View Post

Gumbo, gumbo....more q-view. I can't take this, you are too busy today!


Any night is a good night for gumbo, but let it get that little nip in the air and OMG a bowl of hot gumbo is perfect.


Just been one of those days, and I am getting too old to be running 30+ hours without sleep! Used to never bother me, I obviously have grown out of that...>LOL

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Looks great!!! listening.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Looks great Foam.


Thank you sir, I really apprecaite it.


Originally Posted by kesmc27 View Post

Wow, looks great!


Thank ye Thank ye


Originally Posted by WaterinHoleBrew View Post

Nice thread Foam, all this looks just awesome & very tasty ! beercheer.gif


Thank ya!


Yeppers..... Pretty impressed with myself right now! I don't know why, I just followed others wisdom, well mostly.....LOL


Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Looking good


I apprceiate the compliment Sir.

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Originally Posted by HUNTEM View Post

Looks great!!! listening.


Thank you sir, I have to be quick when we get a cool day, they are few and far between. I should have had bacon ready. Soon I'll remedy that too!

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This is a terrific thread, Kevin. I enjoyed it and I'm hungry!



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Foam that all looks great, I use my Kitchen Aid  for grinding meat. Love the idea of using Pork for the sticks. Thanks for sharing.

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Those look great! Gotta love hot Cajun sausage. I will have to try those hammie sticks. As far as hanging,the top rack supports on my MES 40 have three little detents along each of them. I used some rebar cut offs that I had laying around. Just covered in aluminum foil.
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Terrific thread!!!! What a great job on all that goodness!!  Really appreciate the step by step and recipe's.  Reinhard

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That Finished stuff looks Awesome, Foamy!!!:drool:drool


You did some Great work, here!!!-------------:points:


Just Super!!Thumbs Up




BTW: I agree with Dave about your flare-ups.

When I first got my MES 40, chips wouldn't start smoking until the temp got to about 220*. The problem was the extra piece of metal between the heating element & the bottom of the chip drawer.

Then Masterbuilt had a Retrofix that they would send you for FREE. That was a complete new chip drawer assembly, and the Retrofix assembly had that extra piece of metal removed.

This one started my chips to smoking before the MES temp got to 60*, but then after a little while longer the chips would flare up. I stopped that from happening by putting a couple pieces of wire between the element & the bottom of the drawer. 

Shortly after that, I started using my AMNS and my AMNPS 100% of the time, so it didn't matter to me any more. My Chip drawer has been empty for 4 years now.







This pic looks like one of those puzzles, where you have to find your way from the outside to the inside, but it's way too easy!! :biggrin:


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