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Smoking Turkey

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I am going to smoke about 30 turkeys at the Elks lodge for Thanksgiving. I would like a suggestion for a injection that will help make these turkeys moist. Please any help will be appreciated.
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For simple use real butter mixed with a little garlic powder. You can go up from their with herbs simmered in butter.

Happy smoken.


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I have been using a brine for years with turkey.  Don't know if that's an option for you or not but something to think about.

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I sometimes brine , however most turkeys don't need more than Butter S/P and anything else you want for flavor.


As for injection... not in my meat... dislike the pockets of strong flavor. And it leaves a way out for the juices and in for and bacteria you pick-up as you load and stick the needle in, over and over.



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too many to brine but thanks for the reply... I do Brine when I am doing one for my self
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How long will it take you to smoke those 30 birds?

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What is your brine recipie? Salt water or is it Apple juice? I have smoked turkeys for year and never brined am I missing something? I do use a water dish to catch the grease and add moisture to the pit!
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I can smoke five in my smoker it takes about 7 hrs for 15 lb birds! I recently went to a dinner with 200 guest they smoked everything the day before and just wrapped it good and reheated it the next day! Excellent!
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Salt Water and butter milk..I just got Jeff's News letter on smoked turkey legs. below is his brine...prob will work on whole turkey also

Make the Basic Buttermilk Brine
• ½ gallon water
• 1 quart buttermilk
• ¾ cup coarse kosher salt
• ½ cup dark brown sugar (light will work)
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we have a large pit at the Elks lodge that we smoke them on...usually takes 7-8 hours and them we wrap them in foil and let them rest
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I like to inject my  turkeys.


2 cups chicken broth

1/2 stick butter

2 Tbs Rub (put in a spice grinder so it doesn't clog the injector) can mix up the rubs to make a different variety of flavors

1 Tbs Lemon Juice

1/2 tsp white pepper


makes enough for about 2 15 lb turkeys

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that looks great I will use that for sure
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This is my Pop's I know there were a load of folks who were very happy if they could get one of his turkeys.


Poultry Injection Solution


1 2oz.bottle of onion juice

1 2oz bottle of garlic juice

1 small bottle of tabasco

1 small bottle of Lea & Perrins (I just can't spell what that is)

1 stick butter

1/2 C salt


Note the salt, he did these long..... long before we decided that salt was our enemy. Make sure that you mix and heat just enough to ensure the salt is in solution. Then allow to cool before injecting. BTW if you try and inject a really cold bird, the butter with clot! Do numerous injection of small ammounts, 'pooling' is a rookie mistake. Use your knowledge of the turkeys musculature to keep the solution from running. You want to keep the solution in the bird and not squirting back out at you.


Good luck

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I have gone with this as a starting point for my brines:


This recipe calls for roasting in the oven but I have always done my on the grill.  I might even try the smoker this year! 

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I will give it a try thanks
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I would use Pops Wet brine.



PER BPOE# 2279

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Lecturing Knght Bessemer Elks #721. I wil try it thanks.Glad to see a brother elk on here. should start a group for
other Elks to meet.. Just a thought
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Originally Posted by Just ol Pop View Post

Lecturing Knght Bessemer Elks #721. I wil try it thanks.Glad to see a brother elk on here. should start a group for
other Elks to meet.. Just a thought

Not a bad idea....

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I use a stick of butter, 1 cup of chicken broth (these 2 are the most important), some ragin cagin (unsalted) seasoning (albertsons)- just a tsp, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of pepper, and some tapatio to your spice, and some salt to taste. Most importantly I would say is the broth and butter.

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MMM that sounds good I will try it Newyears . goiong to smoks a turkey at home for new years .
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