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I wanted to check out a new 3 inch piece of muffler pipe as a stack  I acquired earlier. 3  inch sits very nicely on a Gen 1 30 inch box. When completed I will have opened the bottom to let the probe wires enter but for now it is just a test. So I will cook some beans first I cut some green peppers and sweet onion Cook them till they are tender.


I added the country style rib leftovers

and mixed in the 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a table spoon of rub( Mike mills magic Dust)


The beans come next Busch Bourbon and brown sugar Grilling beans (22oz can)


I put it all together and mixed in a table spoon of molasses



mixed and in the smoker at 225 for a couple of hours.



Back to the stack I like it,  here it is with the Amnps






I took a shot of the finished dish but I am having trouble

downloading it. I will add it later.


Here it is >


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Tasty looking beans! Nice Smoke!
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Mmmmmm! Those beans look great!
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Beans, beans, the magical fruit...
The more you eat, the more you toot!

Just kidding. Looks great...
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