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Smoking a turkey

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I'm going to be smoking a turkey soon and I have seasoned red oak and cherry what would be the best to use or a combination of both? I have used oak to smoke ribs before but don't know how it would be with turkey.

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Almost forgot I have some silver maple as well but I have never used maple before.

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All if those would be good. I like to use a mixture of Pecan and Cherry. Your oak and cherry would be good. Or mix all three. The cherry will add a great robust red color to your bird.
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Thanks I will give the oak and cherry a go a 50/50 mix and see what happens lol.

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I'm doing a turkey tomorrow. I'll be using Kiawe and guava wood.

I'll be watching your smoke for tips...
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Even if you use all Cherry , you'll be good . I enjoy Cherry on ally Poultry .The Maple is light enough to  be a good heat source without adding extra flavor...


I courteous about the Kiawe and Guava wood ,Woody will using...


have a good smoke RodgerA , have fun and . . .

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Well as it turns out my dad brought me a bag of seasoned mulberry from a tree he cut down I hear its nice wood to smoke with so im going to save my oak and cherry for another time and use the mulberry I might mix a small bit of oak with it though thanks for the info guys.

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