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Great brisket. Good bark and smoke ring. I know you're pleased with that. My suggestion would have been fat down. The brisket has enough moisture and marbeling without the extra fat. The convection plate keeps the temps more equal from side to side. It will also add a little heat right above, but the top of the cooker is usually the hottest. As for the fat, as it melts it will drop on the convection plate and add smokey flavor as it sizzles. You already have the good results. Now you know why. Great smoking, Joe
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mine is welded but I had it done on the outside....gotta distinguish the mods from the factory ya know!!! So far he has done the firebox only. We will grind those welds down next year. He will also grind off the cheap welds on the sides of the main chamber and re-weld those ends and grind them smooth. Then he will do the same on the firebox and weld it to the pit as well as the legs to the unit.

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That's how it's done!  Good Job!!!

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That RTV was the worst thing ever. You cannot do any smoke roasting if you wanted. That requires the box to go over 600 degrees. If you have RTV, say NIGHTY-NIGHT.

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If for some reason welding them together is not your choice, you can use graphite gasket sheet from McMaster Carr, use the 1/16' thick sheet. I have used them on very high temp flame reactors and they work like a charm.

In stock
$78.15 Each
Width 24"
Length 24"
Seal Material Graphite
Temperature Range -400° to 850° F
Color Dark Gray
Thickness 1/16"

When a strong seal is required in boilers and furnaces,this gasket material can take the heat. Sheets can be cut with a utility knife.

Flexible Graphite—This material offers excellent compressibility under moderate loads. Temperature range is –400° to 850° F. Maximum pressure is 2,000psi. Color is dark gray.

 and cut it yourself with a box knife.

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Here is a question....What is on the edge around the sides of the main cooking chamber? I am going to strip it down and look. I have heard rumors that's it's a composite glue like jbweld. If so, that shit is coming off and it's getting welded.

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I almost pulled the trigger on this guy gents....


But I I held off at the price and I will make the OKJ the best one from Lowes that you can get. I figured I will strip all paint, have it welded up tight, and repaint it. He already did the firebox. Welder friend said it will run me about 80 bucks if I prep it by chipping off the glue and stripping the paint. He will also add brackets for a 2nd shelf inside of the chamber. Then I with some expensive 2500 degree paint that runs 500 bucks a gallon. Labor of love right?

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I hope I read your post wrong, you stated you spent $500 on a gallon of paint to paint your grill? Ouch
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No the paint runs that high...I got it for a great deal from a co-worker who had extra.

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I used a gasket which is on a small roll designed to replace the gasket on a Komodo or BGE. It should be readily available. I bought mine at my local bbq store. It cost around  $20 and comes with plenty to seal the top to the bottom of the firebox with a good amount leftover. The width was just right and required no trimming. A quick simple alternative to welding. It's barely noticeable.

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Great Idea!!!

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I just picked up a Longhorn from a yard sale for $65.  I need to replace the thermostat but cannot find anywhere that sells the right size.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Also, has anyone modified their Oklahoma Joe's Grills to add a rotisserie?



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Wall mart will sell them in spring and summer

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Off subject, but, I'm having isues with rust on my Longhorn Fire box no matter how hard I try to protect it.

Any suggestions?


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Originally Posted by MD131016 View Post

Off subject, but, I'm having isues with rust on my Longhorn Fire box no matter how hard I try to protect it.

Any suggestions?


you season the outside like you would a cast iron skillet. after you must deal with the rust already there. after you take the food off.. and youre no longer putting fuel in the box, take a rag with high temp oil and some large grain salt and go to town on the rust. then use another rag with oil and wipe down the box until rust stops wiping off.  the rust shoudl stop now and oil (no salt) your box after ever use. 

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