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550 Gallon Reverse Flow Trailer smoker

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Here are some pics of my ongoing build.
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Are there any similar builds to yours on this site
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You may find a small problem getting the Cooking Chamber up to temp using the pipe as a heat/smoke transfer device....
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Hey, I made this post from my phone the other day and there was supposed to be more pictures than this. I will add the rest later as I am at work right now.


As you will see though when more pictures go up, that pipe gets inserted all the way into the Cooking chamber and carries the heat and smoke all the way through. Then the heat and smoke flow out of the end of the pipe, back across the food and out of the chimney which is located at the same end as the fire box. I have had the Cooking Chamber at over 300F in December, so temperature isn't much of an issue.

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I have built something kind of the same of what you are doing now and also used a pipe to carry the smoke and heat all the way to the end of the chamber and back across.  Mine works perfect and gives me the control in the smoke chamber I need.  You need to make sure the pipe is big enough to allow for the transfer of the heat and smoke and also the vent pipe is big enough and tall enough to make the smoke and heat draw from the fire box.  If the two pipes are not big enough it will not work.  I found a calculator that figures out  all the dimensions that you need vie the internet.  You just have to put in the firebox size and cook chamber size and it will do the rest.

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Here is the calculator sorry it is so late I assume you have finished your project and hope you are smokin.

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