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Finally Got To The Polish

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Between going back to work [very part time] and some bird hunting [very much needed] and prep work for Firearms deer season [something I look forward to every year] and grandkids [always a great time every weekend] and never ending work around the house [never stops] I finally got to making some sausage.  Polish sausage give-away batch that is. Some go to our deer camp and the other get's spread to two other deer camps [friends of mine].


Once again I used Curley's seasoning and tweeked it with dry powdered milk, extra garlic, and mustard seeds.


One pack of Curley's polish sausage  seasoning, enough for 25 pounds.


18 pounds of pork butt

6 pounds of beef chuck

1 pound of pork fat [just had some on hand out of the freezer]

5 cups of dry powdered milk

5 spoons of diced garlic [from the jar]

3 oz. of mustard seeds [normally used about 2 oz but just put the whole pack in]

1 oz.  cure #1

5 cups of cold water


This time I ground the meat just once through the medium plate, instead of through the course plate and mix everything, and then through the medium plate again.  Our bunch [except me] likes the sausage on the finer side,  I like it on the slightly courser side [especially polish].  By grinding it just once through the medium plate I think I reached a good texture.  The texture was slightly courser and maybe the way I'll grind more of my stuff in the future.  I know some on this great forum do this as well, so I was not hesitant to give it a shot.  Lot of great sausage heads here.  Well here are some pic's----


Here is the meat going through only once through the medium plate.


This is what I mean by a spoon for garlic [Ya, a real soup spoon]


Visions of deer camp are going through my mind.


After the meat get's put through the medium plate I put the mustard seeds and powdered milk on the meat.  The rest of the ingredients [including the cure] get's put in the water and mixed well and then poured in the mix. I then mix everything up well.


Then my mix goes in two smaller luggers [ containers for those not afflicted by sausagehead addiction].  Then stored overnight to let the flavors and cure meld in.  That one big lugger is just to big to fit in my fridge.  Plus If I want to add extra stuff like cheese for example, I can then mix it in one of the smaller luggers and leave the other as is.


Of course I have to take the taste test, and all went well.


Oooops, deer camp thoughts again.

Rinsed out my casings the day before and let them soften up overnight.


Ready to stuff with my $100 dollar stuffer.  Had it for a few years now and it's holding up well.


I can see already that this type of grind is showing the courser texture that I'm liking already.


Here is my casing poker [called a meat tenderizer as well].  I give it a few poke's before linking.


On my jerky racks the links go.  Did this batch in the oven due to time.  I did have time for a few beers though.  I set the oven to 225 and left the links in there until they reached 150 internal.



Took them out at the internal temp of 150.


Put them in a cold water bath until they cooled down.


Let the links cool more on the racks before I put them in the fridge overnight to be vac packed the next day.


Couple of my deer camp bunch telling lies [I mean deer stories].  Cant wait.


The money shot.  They will not last long.   Next time I will make a 10 pound batch in rings.  Reinhard

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Nicely done. I'm not sure you could get me out of camp with grub like that. 

Best of luck on this years hunt.

Happy smoken.


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Nice looking sausages!
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Reinhard..........that is some great looking links. Good job..

Question for you........is the powdered milk that you use just from the grocers or is it a special type? I understand the "why" part just not sure if I need to use something special.




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Brad, it's just from the grocery store.  Reinhard

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Reinhard..........thank you.



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Reinhard, that looks Flippin great!!!! Very nice and nice post, very informative and like the pics of camp. You are a very busy man and for taking links to deer camp that deserves :points:


Great job I would eat a plate of that any time. 


A full oven is a happy oven.



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Those look great.  Everytime my wife and my parent go camping and I cook in my dutch oven he says I would make a good shatty b##tch.  Looks like would be too.  Just messing with you.  I wished my wife like sausages more.  I could be fat and happy!

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Beautiful work, man! I can hear my old grinder quietly scraping in the basement, teasing me to go get it wet. (1950s Chop-Rite #10)

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Great looking sausage. Soon we will be able to cool in the snow bank...

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Great post, thank you!  Have a good time at deer camp!

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Sweetttttttttttt looking Polish. I'm liking the extra mustards seeds in there, they really stand out in the pic. You sure that was enough garlic?.....you're right, they won't last long...Willie

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Looks great Reinhard!!


Best of luck at deer camp this year too!

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Thanks everyone!!!  I'm going to vac-pack it today for the freezer.  Ya, Chef,  I always overdue it with garlic LOL.  Reinhard

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Terrific looking sausage, Reinhard. I love Polish Sausage and your qview is terrific!





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what a great post.... Looks fantastic... I too only run through once... course or medium grind ... I do have a question though... you said you cooked at 225`... does that not create fat out ???
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Man oh man, that is some mighty fine looking sausage! I prefer that "textured" grind myself. Awesome job sir!

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Nice looking polish sausage Rein. Looks like you brought a good time with you to share with your buddies.....Cant beat hanging around a fire eating some home made grub..............Beer.gif

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Thanks again for the kind words.  Keith,  I have never had a problem with "fat out".  I've heard that before but I haven't seen that.  I probably had 3 or five spots on the foil below [my oven catch pan LOL] the links during the whole time cooking and that includes all the racks that I put in there that day [two racks with links, times 3].  Same with summer sausage type sausage or sticks for that matter.  Maybe at a higher temp that would happen but that is as high as I go most of the time.  I contribute that to the powdered milk [binder] as well as the meat mix. Same thing in the smoker.  Reinhard

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Good lookin links!


I could take some of that at any camp!


Good luck and good smoking.

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