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Someone gave me a "grillmat". It's a teflon mat that you can put on the grill and then put the food on top of. It's suppose to keep the grill clean. I'm wondering if I use it in the smoker if it will let the smoke through?

The package says it, "lets the grill flavor through."(showing a grill, not a smoker) It'd be nice if I didn't have to clean the smoke racks, but I'm skeptical?

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Yes it will work. What brand is it?
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It's a "Miracle Grill Mat" sold by QVC.  Listed as being Made?/Distributed by Golden West Marketing.

I didn't know, when I hold it up to the light I can't see any pores in it.

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If you can't see light through it you probably wont get smoke to the bottom of your meat.

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