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Weber Sale - UK

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Just to let you know that Wow BBQ have a promotional offer on that is valid until midnight tonight (Tuesday 28th October). Using the promotion code "BBQ16" there is an additional 16% off their discounted Web prices. This means that:


A standard One Touch Original 57cm is £114 instead of the £124 using our standard SMF code "SMOKINGMEAT27"


A Weber Smokey Mountain  57cm is £306 instead of the £365 using our usual code.


Delivery is free too.

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Thanks for the info Wade.  If someone is thinking of buying a Weber, now would be the time to do it.  I'm just afraid that if I have another Weber delivered right now certain VERY personal parts of my body might just be in danger.  :icon_biggrin:  Is everything included in the discount?  Things like heat beads and replacement grills??


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I didn't expect that it would be but I just tried it on a heat beads order and it does. 10 x 4Kg bags = £42.84 using "BBQ16" and £51.00 using "SMOKINGMEAT27"


I think I will stock up with a few more bags :biggrin:

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Just what I was thinking!


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I have just ordered 12 x 4Kg bags - £4.28 per bag with free p&p

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I just checked and the code is still working this morning

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It is still working Thumbs Up

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