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120 lbs of bellies

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In the fridge. Cure applied and waiting 7 days. Towels are down to catch any errant juice that may escape from the ziplocs


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If the fridge is missing when you get up I wasn't there;).
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mine is not 120lbs but it is 40lbs and it is waiting in what I call my deep cooler (Keg Refer @ 34.7 degrees) in vac sac bags. can't wait for this adventure.



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Going to make lots of bacon, watching for progress &  photos. CF

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Finished slicing up the bacon today. Here's one during slicing and the fridge loaded. 4 packages are gone, people already picked them up






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"If you are gonna be a bear, be a GRIZZLY!"


Some of that belly looks very meaty and lean! Excellent when smoked!

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