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Two 10 lb. Pork Loins on Modified Traeger Texas Elite

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Here's few pictures from today's smoke on the Traeger.  I added a second shelf the other day and it works great.  I did two 16lb. briskets Friday night and they turned out perfect.  Followed it up with the pork loins today.  All went into the freezer whole for a holiday party in December ( easier to smoke on a nice weekend like we had rather than in the snow in December, living here in Minnesota :-) )  Also used my A-Maze-N tube smoker with Apple pellets and Oak in the hopper, both Old Hickory brand.  Thanks to Todd Johnson on the tube smoker!!









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Thats one heck of a way to fill the smoker.

Looks Great
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Tasty looking loins!

I still struggle with the notion that a pellet smoker needs another pellet smoker to make smoke!
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Thats just beautiful.


That says it all.

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Wonderful colour. Thanks for posting this.



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  Really nice color! What IT did you take them too?



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Looks great! Was the additional shelf a DIY project? I want to add another layer to my lil tex to hang sausages. I like the tube smoker addition for a different smoke flavor
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Looks Great! Very nice color.

Happy smoken.


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Those loins look amazing! Not sure I could freeze it all!
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Yes, it sounded strange to me too but the oak burns very clean with a light flavor. Adding the apple woood in the tube adds a nice rounded flavor to the pork loin or prok ribs.

So MS,

I took the internal temp to 160 and they came out very good.

Thanks for all the nice comments and information found on this site, I really appreciate it!!
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Yes, the additional shelf was a DIY last Friday. I used 1 1/2" angle iron and cut it with a steel blade on my hand jigsaw. I had to notch it for the chimney on the right and temp probe on the left. I purchased a 16" x 25" grill grate at Menards and cut that so it fit. Do not cut to short as I did. My opening is 20" but the grate can slide sideways and fall down if you're not careful. I ended up wiring up the cut off end to the larger grate and now it fits well. Good luck on your mod, it's pretty easy.

I love the additional shelf, check out my other post where I did 2 x 16lb briskets on the Traeger Friday. That also worked out great.
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