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Smoked a Fatty! w/ q-View!

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Looks delicious ! nice job

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Looks tasty.    Have a blow out?




Any info on the cook?   What is the cheese and sauce?

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I made two - the one I way overstuffed.  That's the guy with the blowout.


Both were excellent.  


Cream Cheese


Famous Dave's Rib Rub

Famous Dave's Sauce


Green Pepper


Italian Sausage

Thick Cut Bacon


Wife got me the bacon - hence it wasn't long enough so my fatty was truly a fatty.


Made homemade biscuits and it was delicious.


Did at 240 on my Mini with Apple, Pecan and Cherry.


Took about 2.5 hours to bring to 165 IT.

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Also I learned a trick.


Take the sausage and put it in a gallon zip lock bag, snip the corners and use a roller to roll it out.  Then all you do is cut the bag off and you have a perfectly rolled piece of sausage!

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Yup. That's how I roll to.
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I thought the bacon looked thick! Nice looking FATTY! I'd make one of these bad boys, but I would eat it all, so maybe not:(.
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Man that looks good !!  I did one last weekend, but I think yours is better than mine



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Nice looking fatty, Joop.  Good looking color on the bacon in the "in the smoker" pic.

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Darn tasty looking. Kudos.



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