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Strong Hold Cabinet Conversion

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So I stumbled across a local manufacturing plant which has gone bankrupt, and they were selling off the final bits and pieces of their production lines - old, used up machinery, mostly.  Amongst the flotsam and jetsam was a Strong Hold cabinet originally designed to safely hold the computer next to a CNC machining center - and this thing is built like a TANK!  12 gauge steel, all welded corners, welded feet, cast iron handles, etc, etc.  Kind of an odd design with a plexiglas window so the machine operator can see the computer monitor - or so that I can see Boston butts, ribs or brisket while they are smoking!  LOL!


315 pounds of sold steel, removable shelves in the lower half, completely open in the top half, 20 punched holes where smoke can drift from the bottom to the top plus several grommet sized holes where 115v power or gas lines can be run into the box.  When new, this beast was over $1800!!  I snagged it for only $200!  Whoo Hoo!


I can already see a simple design:


1) Seal off the doors with gasket rope;

2) take out the fan on the right side and add a 'c' shaped side chimney to vent the top box to the outside;

3) add an electric element at the bottom plus a cast iron smoke box for chips;

4) have a couple more open grate shelves made by my local welder for the top box.


This'll make an interesting winter project!  I'm starting a food truck next year ( and 90% of our food product will feature smoked pork, chicken or beef.  We're not just another taco truck...we're making it 'Gringo Style'!  LOL!


Robert Conner

Gringo Tamales

Omaha, Nebraska







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Nice score! Definitely gas assist to get that mass up to temp. Oh the things I would do to that beast. Hope you document this build, it'll be interesting. Good luck.
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Nice deal its worth more than that as scrap metal! 

You wouldn't want to move it to many times at 315 pounds. 

Do you think electric will be enough to heat that monster?

Looking forward to your build.

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