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Knife cut turkey in ground chicken leg mince

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I have found over the years that I am not fond of turkey breast meat so I have a long standing search for good uses for it. This seems to come close to my quest.

I know that soft frozen meat is much easier to cut so I bone chicken leg quarters and including all of the skin and fat pack it into freezer bags and hard freeze it The turkey I bone and skin and add the turkey skin to freeze with the chicken. The day before I make sausage I move the frozen meat to the fridge and allow it to warm up a little.

When my grinder is ready I cut the chicken into one inch chunks and grind through a 3/8 inch plate and I cut the turkey into 1x1x2or3 inch pieces and mix it with the minced chicken. I am still working on the ratio of mince to chunks but a 50:50 mix to 3 parts turkey 2 parts chicken mince seems to be about right.

My seasoning schedule is : 1.7% salt, black pepper-2gm/kg, marjoram-2gm/kg, dried onion-4gm/kg, dry orange zest-.5gm/kg, thyme-.3gm/kg

Push the last of the mince from the grinder with a full stalk of celery and a peeled large carrot, include these in the mix. fill 3¼inch fiber casings and bake to 165°Fin a 225 oven. This may be smoked with the addition of cure#1. The picture is of 3 parts mince and 2 parts turkey

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Sliced for freezing



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That's pretty creative. Recipe sounds very tasty. Great Job!!!! icon14.gif
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That looks great

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Sounds real interesting , thanks for sharing the recipe.
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Cool idea! I use a similar idea to make my own "ground" chicken burgers. I use chicken thigh meat, and place it in my food processor with various seasonings and veggies (mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions, etc.). Then pulse it a few times so it is chopped, but still coarse, form into patties, and toss them in the freezer for 30-60 minutes. The freezing helps to hold them together during the initial cooking then once the outside it cooked they will hold shape well.


Makes for a nice moist chicken burger that you can really customize to your liking!

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Prolonged mixing of minced meat will make it gooey and sticky so that when shaped into patties they won't easily break.

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That is a real interesting recipe.  I'd like to try it someday.  thumb1.gif

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I have been thinking for almost a year about the dressing waffle I saw on some cooking show, they just put meat on top the waffle and then covered it with gravy. I thought that soooo impressive. I like the idea of the sausage though because this way the meat can't help but stay moist! Great idea! Where do you add the giblet gravy? LOL


Color me impressed! Its at the top of "the list". Thanks for sharing.

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