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Beef Clod and Brisket Sunday Funday

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I've been wanting to char a beef clod for quite some time now. I finally got one of those new igrill 2, they been required. sounds like the perfect opportunity to cook a brisket in the shoulder clod!grilling_smilie.gif

Here's the prep work.

This things was huge!, 22lbs.
image.jpg 1744k .jpg file

Rubbed it down with some S&P, mustard coating and some tatonka dust, thanks John!

No picks of the brisket. Had a minor set back, opened up the cooker and found a science project in process, had to burn out and spray down the grates. Got them in now, cooker is rolling at 250. More to come.
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That's one big hunk of beef! Will be watching to see how it turns out. What's your plan for it? Slice, pull, feed an Army or two?

Also curious to see how your iGrill2 performs. I have the original and have been waiting to upgrade.
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the cook is coming along nicely here's a picture 5 hours in the I grillez is working great. I'm about to start basting with some beef stock, Shire and garlic juice. Plan is to pull most of the clod and slice some of it, slice the brisket and save the point for burn ends at a later date.. feeding an army of 3!

TBS!!! yahoo.gifgrilling_smilie.gif

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Gottem wrapped up and mopped up.

Wrapped at 169F both are running side by side on temps, it's crazy.

Brisket prewrapp

Can't wait to rest these and cut into the amazing hunks of beef they smell rediculous.
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How is it going ?  



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Forgot to show pics of the finished product.

Shredded easily by hand, shoulder clod.

It was a long day... didn't get any brisket pics. I let the brisket go a couple degrees too long. The flat was a little dry, comes out that way every time i wrap too late. I wrapped at 173F should've at 160F.
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The tatonka dust was nice, but i couldn't see any advantages over S&P, I'm a keep it simple person and let the smoke talk. Plain Jane S&P is hard to beat!
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Looks great. First time I heard anything bad about tatonka dust?
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I'm not saying the dust is bad, the clod seasoning turned out great, i just didn't see any advantages over S&P, that's just my preference.
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I didn't mean it in a bad way, just everyone says how great it is.

It's a different look at it.
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Looks Great to me



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Nice smoke !,what a chunk of beef !!!!

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