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How I smoke wings

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I'm not a fan of smoked wings, I usually prefer to deep fry them but on occasion I like to put then in Flo's belly.


A chimney of charcoal and 2 pieces of cherry wood.


I don't go heavy with rubs but just use basics: Tony C's; Garlic powder; Paprika and Pepper;

 After I rub them down, I'll put them to rest into Flo's belly at about 250-275* for 2 hours...

Afterwards, I'll let them soak for a few minutes in a solution of: Butter; Texas Pete and Lemon Juice.  Then back into Flo's belly for 30 minutes.


Me, I like my wings charred on the outside and dark. Wings should be cooked well done and hard.  So I tend to let them cook longer.


Honey Hush, these wangs are the bomb.  Thanks for looking and have a nice day!!!


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 Those wings look awesome! Nice color!



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Those are Grrrrrrrrrrreat, looking wings!!! I'm with you on the Char, that's one of my favorite things, nibbling the char off the edges and tips! Nice Smoke!

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Wings are one of my favorites to smoke.
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Great looking wings, Kryinggame.  I think I'll give your method a shot.

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Nice wings for sure!
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I'd try those



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Nice. Wings are my favorite.
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Dang it that looks great!!! I'd eat a plate or two of those



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Nice , Ted.   I love them like that, and Texas Pete is great for them .as a sauce. \\


I like the name of your unit... "Flo"  , same as my Big ole Girl...


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Thanks gang, I appreciate the positive comments.


I usually try different methods for wings. 


Believe it or not, I leave a note pad and pencil by my bed. 


Sometimes, I think or dream of something innovative and will wake up to jot it down.



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