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Last weekends Pastrami

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It's always so nice that my meat supplier stocks lots of primal cuts for me to choose from.

Last week I picked up this beautiful 16 lb corned beef brisket. 

I put it in the my Lang smoker running @ 225 using hickory splits. 

until I hit an IT temp of 201 deg. At that point I wrapped it and put it

in my hot box to rest for about 2 1/2 hours. 


Every one that came over to watch football all day loved it. I think when all was said and 

done I may have had a pound if that much left over for lunchs this week.

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Looks realy good!! Did you rub it with anything? Looks like you got a realy great bark!
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All I did was add a bit more of the pickling spices that come in the little packet. We have a place here in Seattle that makes

corned beef year round and they have those spices available in bulk so I always have more on hand.

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