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Just picked up a 1/3 cord of split seasoned hickory today so I should be good to go for quite some time. My biggest issue right now is wind and low outside temps. The OKJ fluctuates quite a bit so I'm dependent on IT instead of the 1.5hr/lb method. I've noticed different brands of lump burn differently and sadly, when I used Royal Oak Lump, I found residuals like rocks and such when I clean out the SFB. Since briquettes produce too much ash, guess I'm gonna have to live with the leftovers. I just hope I don't find any shingles or other such construction debris in the box after a smoke.


I re-read your article and will apply the lessons you described on my next smoke. For TDay, right now its looking like a bird and a whole ham or perhaps a Tri Tip.


I love the OKJ but it has its limitations in the fall and winter months. If I'm real good, wifey will sign off on that SS-2 next year! :)