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I don't have a vac sealer in the rv since we spend 6-7 months at a time in it. Will a cling wrap like Saran work?

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It's not ideal, but it will work. I've had some cheese spend 6months wrapped and in saran wrap & in a freezer bag. It was fine. This was before I got a vac sealer.

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I see quite a few different times posted for smoking cheese. I would like to have folks post their favorite times and see if there is a general consensus on the "best time". I just bought an amps and the pellets are on their way to smoke up some  Cabot cheese and want advice from you experts . thanks CM


Passage from the following. Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View


Question:  How long should I smoke the cheese?


Answer:  Only experience will determine this as it really depends on your taste. I usually will smoke the hard cheeses for two hours depending on the density of the smoke and type of wood used. The harder the cheese the denser smoke it can take.  If it is a caramel color you are looking for, a dense smoke for 5 hours may be required.  Depending on the type and texture of your cheese, monitor the smoke as a lighter smoke will sometimes infuse a more desirable flavor than a heavy dense smoke will.  Cream or blues will take a much shorter smoking time than the harder cheeses. Some softer cheeses may be done in half an hour.
   Learn to keep good records.  In your records note the type of cheese, ambient temperature, internal smoker temperature, type and amount of wood, the density of the smoke and, of course, the time, color and taste.



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Using my tube, I do about 1.5 -2 hours. 50/50 hickory/apple.

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