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First Time Smoking Short Ribs

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Hello Friends,

 looking through my freezer for something tasty and I ran across some beef short ribs

 I said "well lookie here this could be a tasty challenge" so they were out of the freezer & in the fridge thawing

while this was happening I decided to whip up a marinade so off to the fridge I went. where I found some teriyaki glaze some soy & mixed them with a bit of molasses and some of Jeff's naked rub. I then let them sit in this magic elixir over night to soak up all that yummy goodness & oh yea I did coarsely slice up an onion and tossed that in as well

In the morning I went out to fire my smoker,and went looking in the fridge for that glorious mixture enhancing the short ribs

when my Pellet Pro smoker reached 225* with mesquite pellets & was smoking away. I put the meat on (about 8:30am) as you can see in the picture there are some with a traditional rub color (Jeff's Naked Rub) and 4 ribs that are a white color the white were blessed with Jeff's Texas style rub  (I felt adventurous)

So with all the meat soaking up all that smoky love I decided hey! its Sunday morning how bout a Bloody Mary so off we go to the local watering hole (the wife and me) I was told this Gin Mill had great Bloody Mary's on Sundays & my friends were right they do make a killer Bloody(Picture enclosed)

And  lo and behold they were there to meet me when I walked in

so I had one maybe 2 as my wife was driving no harm no foul Right?

we returned home about noon to watch Our beloved Green Bay Packers and peek on the ribs which were dong just fine

so after the game I whipped up some sliced Carrot and Yukon Gold Potato to complete the dish

I hope you enjoyed my cooking adventure as well as I did

thanks for looking and keep on cooking

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Sounds like it was a great day for you.  I've been working up the courage to try some beef ribs or short ribs if I could find the right price.

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