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Casing size

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Maybe this has been beaten to death already.  What size casings do you all prefer for snack sticks?  I just made a sausage stuffer that has a fixed 3/8 nozzle on it.  I was thinking I would like to do 16mm casings.  I know it is sometimes a matter of preference.  i was just curious if I should go larger.  Again, this will be my first attempt.  In doing research it looks like its a little more complicated than I was thinking at first.  Then again, what isn't  Thanks for the help.  

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I'm pretty sure it's the 21mm casings. That's what i used when i made mine.
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I use some 22mm collagen casings for snack stix.

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I use 22, I have done 19mm before but you better have better arm strength than I do, a lot of pressure in that small tube/Casing, or cheat and add more water sometimes helps.


Good luck and let us know. 


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I was just getting ready to reply and then I saw driedstick`s comment. I use the 19 MM Stranded Collagen Casings from Sausage Maker with the small Snack Stick tube that LEM sells. Fortunately I had read about adding a 1/2 cup of ice water or very cold water to the mixture before stuffing. This is an absolute must and then a very firm but steady pressure on the handle . I wish they made a 22 MM in this casing but they do not and I have great smoking results with this type. The only 22MM they have is for Fresh Sausage and not for Smoked Sausage .

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I have gone to Naked snack sticks. Bearcarver has a very good thread on this. Search Bearcarver and at the bottom of any of his pages he has his step by step.




All of this is a 1/2" tube. I find 3/8" tube a little small.

Happy smoken.


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I am looking at getting a half horse grinder from a big sporting goods store. Are the sausage stuffing attachments any good? Or would I have to get a separate stuffer for snack sticks?
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Girth, go with a designated stuffer you will not regret it. PITA doing it thru a grinder. 



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Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Girth, go with a designated stuffer you will not regret it. PITA doing it thru a grinder. 

I've made sticks by way of the grinder/stuffer and really don't want to try again till i get a separate stuffer. Try it once tho it might go better for you
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