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Drums and Instructions

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I'm really interested in building a UDS so, I've been reading a lot about the drums and what not.  I live in south Louisiana, where do I look to purchase a drum.  Also, any how-to instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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When finding a source on drums, consider an extra drum. Also consder getting a 30 gallon drum which can fit inside a 50 gallon drum. You can make your own charcoal with a hkmeade retort be nesting the two, the 30 inside the 50.
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Right now the hard part is locating a drum. Doing a search on Craigslist is about the best route you can go. Try and find food grade, unlined drums as they require less work to get them ready and food safe. However, any drum will work. Some folks will say to only use food safe drums some will say it doesn't matter. The key is the prepping and cleaning. Burning the drum out, sandblasting, grinding, etc, are all viable ways of getting the drum to a food safe level. Once you have done that and are satisfied with the drum cleaning, the next hard part is coming up with a design. This is completely up to your imagination. To get you started, here is a link to my YT channel and playlist I created when I built mine. Just do a search on Google, YT, etc for Ugly Drum Smokers and there is an endless array of info and ideas. The key is good airflow and no leaks.

I hope this helps and gets you going in the right direction.

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Thanks Chad, it is definitely a start..
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I would check out your local feed stores for drums. Next would be candle makers, then on to bead blasters. I got my drum from a candle company and it was unlined. It really does not matter what was in the drum. Once you burn a couple whole pallets in there all the nasty stuff is long gone inside and out. I would really recommend that you do not get a drum with the dreaded red or brown liner no matter how cheap it is. Also, look for one with the lid that is removable. Most if not all food grade drums are lined, just fyi.

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I promise to stop texting without my reading glasses. That last post was horrible. Sorry.
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