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Best Deal I have gotten in a while

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 I have been looking at the 14.5" Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker since early spring but no way was I going to pop for $199 for a smoker I would probably only use when we go camping in our pop up camper ( I have a Brinkman Trailmaster for home). Anyway  I ended up skipping out of work early today and had to run to Wal Mart for something on the way home.   As I entered the garden center all I saw was Christmas decorations everywhere.  Bu off to one side something caught my eye and it was the Weber smoker all by itself.  Went over to take a look at it had a big sign 75% off.  Already put together and all the parts were there, BONUS. Needless to say that for $49.94 it went in the back of my truck pretty quick.   


I figure this will be the perfect little smoker to take on camping trips to cook for the 4 of us.  Cant wait to get it seasoned up and throw a big Boston butt on there.  Get out there and look around no telling what other deals are hiding behind a plant in Wal Mart. 

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Great deal,  better buy a lotto ticket too.   :biggrin:

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Holy carp!! That's the deal of the century. I'm gonna head to wal mart tomorrow and see if they have any. Good score!!
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That's a great score. Heck I'd even buy it at that price!
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Awesome !!! I'd have bought all they had...
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Great find! Congrats I bet you'll enjoy it.
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Did my first run of food on it after seasoning it for a couple of weekends.  Did two full loads of wings.  Nice thing was I barely had to mess with the vents or add fuel.  I added small chuncks of hickory wood at the begining and again when I put the second load in.  Other than that....nothing.  It is a great smoker and even better for the price I got it at.

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