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A Sunday Brisket 1st one off the new rig.

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Went to my favorite butcher and picked up a 16lb. Packer. Trimmed it up and cut off about two thirds of the flat for a future meal.

Rubbed it down with a rub recipe I found. Wrapped it up and back in the fridge.

Got up at 6:30 and fired up the smoker. A cool morning here in Buffalo.

It went on at 7:30.

Using lump charcoal hickory and cherry it hit 150 in about 4 1/2 hours.

This is at 2 hrs at 230

At 150 I foiled it tight and put it back on. I brought it up to 198, pulled the probe and re checked in a new spot and the probe slid in effortlessly. I was expecting it to take all of 12hrs but it was up to temp in about 10hrs.

I put it in the cooler and it sat for an hour and a half.

We'll let me tell you it was awesome! Melt in your mouth. Plus the Bills won

I brought leftovers to share with my co workers and they thought it was as good as they have ever had! I was pleased
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Nice looking brisket!
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Mmmm...tasty lookin brisket for sure!  Very nicely done!  Thumbs Up



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Nice!!   What brand smoker is that ?  How well does it hold temps?

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Looks awesome !

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It's a Brinkmann Trailmaster LE. Holds temp pretty well. Still getting it dialed in
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There's nothing I love more than a nice smoked brisket. Second place would be leftover smoked brisket
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Beautiful Job on the Brisket !!Thumbs Up


Looks Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool



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Great looking slice picture.  thumb1.gif


Looks like a successful brisket smoke, for sure.

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Its the fourth one I have made this summer. It was the best one. The new machine held much better temperature. My first smoker was a Small Brinkmann Offset. Hard to regulate. The meat was Choice Angus 3.99 a pound and just succulent. It also cooked faster than I expected. I read somewhere it's done when it's done not all pieces of meat are the same.


I think there is enough left for 1 more sandwich! I really like it just warmed up a little on a roll with a little Mayo.

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Man o man does that brisket look yummy!!!! Nice job!

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Awesome looking brisket! Now do it again....LOL

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Wow...Real nice..
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Great looking birsky!
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Way to go , and I know the Co-horts enjoyed it , lucky stiffs...:icon_evil:

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