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Usually how you cook/smoke is dictated (especially in the begining), by what type pit you use. Electrics are always low and slow, fire breathers are the other end of the specturm. You learn the idocsyncracies or the temperment of your own pit. Then you test its limits and try to bend its will to yours. What you see here, especially the recommendations are what each has found worked with their paticular type. That is why you will see so many replies that you'll wonder how that could ever work. Its because of their experience and their equipment.

Very good point Kevin. I tend to forget everybody's pit, as well as their taste, is different. My family and I like it the way we do it, mainly because that's how it's evolved and it's what we're used to, but there are thousands of other ways that get folks the product they like best.
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Yes very true but the input should allow me to serve up a wicked pork in time
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I'll throw my .02 in here.    I'm not a bark fan so I foil at 160IT.   It helps push through the stall.   I use a water pan.  As stated, I'm not sure if it does anything for the cook, but for me it serves a a baffle between pit and cooker.  I can pretty much bank on running butts in 10hrs.   But, you do get those stubborn ones that will go 15hrs even in foil.   The ideal weight of butts for me are 8-9lb.   My observation has been that them 10-12lb butts just aren't the same quality that I like to serve.


Word of warning.  If you foil, there will be juice in the foil.  I am aware that not many people are taking meat out of there smoker over there head, but,  if you do,  watch that you do not pour juice down your front side.  Trust me, its hot!


Hope everyone has a great day!



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Ok, well wife got a 3.5 pounder lol.
No huge smokes for me lol
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So were on.
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Ok. So due to wife being very unwell were postponing feast until tomorrow night.
So should I pull it earlier so it doesn't dry out when re heating??
Or should I finish it, pull it and repeat tomorrow?
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Righto. So at 630 pm it reached 85c.
I've pulled it that and had it resting for an hour now. Will give a bit longer.
Still had heaps of fuel so good to know for longer cooks.
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Right guys. Need some advice.
I've bought the wrong brickets. Bought heating ones not cooking. The things will not stably cook without out flame.

The 2 kg roast will it shorten cook time if I cut in half and cook 2 1kg roasts??
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That depends. Cooking time is a function of meat thickness. So, let's say you start with a hunk of meat measuring 10 x 5 x 5 inches. If you cut it through the middle, yielding two pieces each  5 x 5 x 5 inches, there will be little appreciative difference in cooking time. You still have to work through five inches of meat.


If you cut it in half the long ways, however, yielding two pieces each 1- x 5 x 2.5 inches, your cook time will be as near cut in half as to make no never mind. In practical terms, it will be slightly longer than half, but not by much.

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Thanks. Yea that's what I thought. This price is quite long but thin.
Roughly 13x6 and 3 inches thick. So if I cut it into 2- 6.5x6x3 then it'll reduce a bit
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