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At what moisture content can wood be used for splits?
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I cook with Cherry / Apple on my baby backs and my cast iron smoked beans. I use cherry on allot of what I smoke as well as apple.  Burns / Smokes great! 

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Found a great deal on some seasoned cherry wood, $70 for a half cord. I've used apple for some time now but never cherry, except for some chunks a few times. Can't wait to try it in my new braunfell offset.

I am from New Braunfels, and am sure the cheery will be good in that smoker'

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I'm a newbie working my way through the various woods to develop a palate for the differences. 


I did a small pork sirloin roast using only cherry chips on my electric today, and while the meat was good, I could barely taste the smoke.  I used a salt/brown sugar/black pepper rub, and it seemed like I could taste that more than anything. Once I added the finishing bbq sauce all traces disappeared.


There was kind of a hammy, almost corned-beef taste, but I assumed that was mostly just the salt and pork?  Is cherry just really mild/subtle?  I used about 2-3X more wood than my previous cooks with hickory/apple anticipating it being mild.

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