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Wood chips?????

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I've seen where some people soak their wood chips in water before putting onto the coals.  I was just looking for an experts opinion on soaking vs not soaking the wood chips.  Thanks.

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I used to be a soaker but don't bother any more. The soaking just makes it take longer to get some. Try it both ways and see what you think but I would venture to say you'll go with unsoaked after a try or two. What kind of smoker are you using? Chunks might be more beneficial to you.
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Just a basic brinkman.

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Brinkman offset?
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Well here we go again!  The next question is fat side up or fat side down!  :ROTF  I mean ZERO disrespect.  SERIOUSLY NOW!  These are discussions we have quite often.  You will get as many answers one way as the other.  I TOTALLY understand why a new smoker would ask. If there is so much different info out there, there MUST be a correct way.  I don't soak and fat side up.  There is not really a "right" answer ( although I am correct ).  :icon_biggrin:  The correct answer is try it both ways.  See how you get on.  When you get the taste you and your family like; THAT'S the correct answer.  There ARE rules especially when talking food safety ( 40-140 in 4.  Don't cook your food on galvanised. ) but other than that, let's face it; it ain't rocket science until you go to curing meat and the IT of the meat when you pull it from the smoker.  Then food safety comes in and rules must be followed.  ALWAYS FOLLOW FOOD SAFETY RULES!!!  Other than that, experiment.  Find what you like and go for it.  Keep Smokin!


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A reformed chip soaker need, one less step. Preferred chunks in my ECB and still use them in my electric Smokin' It #3 now. I have a sawdust burner from Todd, AMNS, I use with dust for a longggggg smoke and with a mod I can fairly successfully use pellets in it. I now also have a bottom of the line pellet smoker which I am becoming quite fond of and have yet to need additional smoke to produce good smoked chow. When you're ready to step up your game with new smokers I would highly recommend a long look at a pellet pusher, but that's just my opinion. I made some really fine smoked turkeys in my old ECB and I didn't know a damn thing...LOL

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