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ECB Success

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Had the "Ol" ECB with Mods out today and had moderate success. Decided on a rack of pork ribs. Finding the right temp is still a challenge, but finally got it dialed in.

Started with 10 Kingsford Briquets and 10 in the chimney. Did the Minon method but added a little hickory chunks to the set. Heat quickly jumped to 350 but settled down to 250-275. Felt like a locomotive engineer shoveling coal every half hour. Basically 5-10 coals every 30 minutes.

I did the 3-2-1 but was probably too long. In the end flavor was fantastic, meat fell off the bone and will be great leftovers.

Would have been a perfect butt recipe. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for tenderness and the chew. Meat that falls off and can't be cut isn't what I was looking for.

Think I will try another rack with 4 hrs at 275 and no foil. Should be perfect. Any who, I was thrilled as was the family, they tore it up and a rack was just not enough.
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Did you smoke spares or baby backs?  I think 3-2-1 is for spare ribs, and 2-2-1 for BBs.


My family and I prefer the meat to come off the bone smoothly.  My wife doesn:t even want to see the bones, in fact, so I came up with my own McRib:



I personally haven't had much success with things like the Minion method on the ECB, so on a lazy Sunday, I'll play Choo-Choo Charlie with charcoal, or if I'm busy, I'll pull out the charcoal pan and shove a gas burner under there.

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These were the spare ribs, not baby backs. Plenty of meat on these.
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I'm still looking for a good tenderness-to-chew ratio.  Next time you smoke, post some q-view, OK?

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