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Cevapcici/mititei (eastern European kebab)

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Not much contribution to these other than grilling....not a fan of making them but i enjoy eating them. Bought them "formed" (made from beef/pork/lamb).

Very tasty and quick to cook. Needs nothing but good mustard.

Beer was made to be drunk with these (or the other way around).

Sliced onion at the bottom of the bowl gives another flavour layer if you leave the meat to rest on it after grilling.
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Sounds tasty! Any spices involved? Cooked in a kabob stick I assume?
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I realize now the thread start sucks. I should have provided more explanations on what these are and how you cook them.

This is a pic of the package as I buy it: they are basically pieces of sausage without casing. If I were to make them I would also use thyme and maybe rosemary. I am sure other grill jockeys familiar with these swear by other condiment structures.

The label in the picture shows beef/lamb/pork. However an old recipe from 1920 (published by a famous restaurant) called mixing beef with pork and lamb (sheep) sacrilege. I guess I like being sacrilegious.

You don't need a skewer at their length: around 3". Might require careful handling when fresh....

Africanmeat posted a recipe a while ago. Search for "mititei".
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