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smoker5.jpg 54k .jpg file Hi All,


I have an electric Redi-Cook smoker and have never used it.  I bought it to resale, but I still have it, so I've decided to keep and use it.  It had no grill plates, so I had to order a couple of them even before I can to anything.


I'm thinking I can "cook" with it (use it as an oven) whether or not I use chips for smoking.  Am I correct?


I also want to ask what I should use to put the chips in?  They are to be used dry.  Until I get something designed for sitting on the bottom grill plate to hold the chips, I may just try to get one of those foil containers and punch a bunch of holes in the bottom of it.  Do you think that will work?


Mesquite seems to really upset my tummy, although I love it.  Anyone else have that problem?  What flavor of chips do you recommend?


Since I have never used a smoker (we have a nice propane BBQ), I thought I'd start with a chicken, so as not to ruin a good piece of meat :).


Where should my wife go to pick up chips?


Will be looking forward to posts from you folks on here as to how to smoke different kinds of meat.  I really want to do a brisket, but they only sell them by the ton and charge a million dollars :).


Happy eating!!

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