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Virgin MES30 first starting with cheese.

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Well after lurking for a while I bought a MES30, Maverick 733 and an A-MAZE-N pellet 5x8 with pitmaster blend based on all Ive read. I put some Gouda, Mild Cheddar and string cheese. It is running at 75 degrees and I plan on letting it go for 3hrs then check the color. I bought a FoodSaver. Only question is do I let the cheese sit in an open ziplock in the frig over night then vacuum pack for 30 days or do I let the cheese sit on the counter over night then vacuum pack? Ill post pics before and after. Thanks to all for the welcome and advice!

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In my experience, the smell of smoke will be very strong and permeate the house within 15 minutes. It smells like you had lit the fireplace and left the damper closed.

I leave it in our garage fridge ( and yes it smells up the refrigerator) overnight and the vac seal in the morning. About 3 weeks later or longer, enjoy your bounty. My oldest now is december 2013 but anytime after 2 weeks you'll enjoy it.

I'd never left it out for longer withou sealing it. And doing a fair amount, I trim out the factory label and seal it in with the smoked cheese. A sharpie pen for the food saver bags gives me an option to write the date, smoke time and smoke flavor on the outside for future comparisons.

However, I never really went further writing down the comparisons since it all tastes great. Also use pistachio shells as the primary material in several smokes. Been saving them now in ziplock bags just for cheese. A seemingly different aroma.
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NICE NEW TOYS!!!! Congrats, you are on the right track with cheese, I just usually leave in the fridge uncovered over night or a day, then vac pac and fridge for min two weeks, I just opened some from July I did and just tasted great. I even have some from Aug. 13 I still have not opened. 


Good luck and let us know the results. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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