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In honor of KC, the Royals and the Chiefs

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I am honoring the Royals super undefeated entry into the World Series and the Chiefs taking on the Chargers today, I have been busy and in the process of smoking a Boston Butt for pulled pork. This is my very first time smoking one and glad I have a Traeger Lil Texas Elite to accomplish it. I am going by Traeger's recipe except, I am using Grill Master's Pork Rub instead. I am taking and will post my hourly pictures which should be plenty since I started at 500am. The outer part of the butt is partly burnt. Edible but not shredded into the good meat. Even loosely covering with foil it still got burnt.











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It still looks scrumptious !!!!

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Partially burnt, but also known as bark. Nothing wrong with a good bark!

What was in your rub? Rubs with sugar can tend to burn especially during long or high heat smokes. What temp did you run your Traeger at, and how long did it take?
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From Grill Masters website

Chili Pepper, Spices And Herbs (Including Red Pepper), Brown Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Onion, Apple Cider Vinegar, Silicon Dioxide (Added To Make Free Flowing), Maltodextrin, Natural Flavor, And Corn Syrup Solids.

I didn't read it till now but, didn't know it had brown sugar. I knew it was called bark, just couldn't think of it at the time of writing. It was good too. Very tender. Started at 225 for 3 hours then 250 for the rest of the smoke. Total time was about 8 hours and pulled at 190.

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Looks great from here - Go KCR!!! Hope they have a better night tonight than last night UUUUURRRRRRGGGGG!!!!! 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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