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smokey brauts

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Was smokin' a batch of deer jerky last night so threw these brauts in with the jerky for about an hour @ 190* with hickory smoke then finished 'em off on the grill


Cooked up a batch of home made onion rings, c.o.c and my favorite Missouri craft, Crown Valley Gunslinger IPA


Life is goooood. Could only be better if someone would invent a way to share food over the internet !

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Nothing wrong with that, nice looking meal!
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Dang it sorry I'm late on this man that looks good, how did the Jerky come out?? 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Nice looking make those? I'd hit that plate hard....Willie

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Thanks for the kind "feed"back :beercheer:

Like every batch before, it was the best ever ha!  Another batch smokin' at the moment.  I think it may be the best ever.

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Thanks Willie. I didn't craft the brauts, only responsible for the cookin'.  Sausage skills are in my future but haven't got the equipment yet.

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Still looks good.


Lots of great sausage makers here to help ya out,

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