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pulled pork help

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I need to smoke some pork for sunday but have to do it on Friday. What is the best way to make it like that. Do i not pull till Sunday or do i pull and put my finishing sauce on it.
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I've eaten a lot of PP leftovers that were sauced and refrigerated for days, and I think it gets better as it sits and chills. Guess what I'm having for lunch today!a38.gif

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I would perform my smoking, then let it rest a couple hours, then pull it Friday.  In my experience, pulled pork keeps really well.

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I always try to do my pulled pork a day or two ahead of time because it tastes better to me the next day.  Smoke, rest, pull, add a little sauce and rub, store covered in frig, reheat, add finishing sauce.   I'm doing 20 lbs Friday for a party on Saturday.  If the party was Sunday I'd still do it Friday because I'm now taking the day off from work and smoking meat relaxes me.  If the party was Sunday there just wouldn't be as much to serve because I'd have already eaten three servings on Saturday!

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a couple days before this past Fourth of July I smoked two 10 lb butts injected with Apple cider, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire, and molasses. Before they were done I put them in a foil pan covered with foil and finished the cook. Then just left them in the pans, let them cool popped in the fridge and on the fourth just reheated to about 160 (in the smoker of course for the wow factor) and they came out super tender!
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Cook , Rest , Pull and Chill... Re-heat in a Slow Cooker Sunday...

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Yeah.....What they all said.


Keep in mind that pulled pork defines all the best of the concept left-overs. Just don't rush the reheating on Sunday.

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I prefer to pull it the day I smoke it. I add a bit of JJ's finishing sauce to it and then into Ziploc and refrigerate.
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Pull it and place into a foodsaver bag. Remove air and when ready to warm up, place out into a pot of cold water. When water begins too boil, the pork is at temperature.
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I agree.  I really don't like to eat it right after it comes off the smoker.  It tastes so much better a day or two later.

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