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Originally Posted by jockaneezer View Post

Just had an email from Woodhall site saying they've moved everyone's pitches along a bit ? Not sure what that's about unless they don't want Danny's 'baccy chewing killing off some more grass :icon_biggrin:


Why do you think that some of us booked onto a completely different field? The tobacco spray can't reach that far...

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:icon_biggrin:  Most of you U.K. folks haven't met any true dumb ole rednecks.  Well now you can say you actually know one.  Like the dinosaur thankfully we are reaching the end of our time.  I KNOW!  I KNOW!  Horrible nasty habit I picked up when I was about 13-14 years old working on the ranches back in South Texas.  Well, you know when you are an impressionable young whippersnapper and all the old men are at it, well you just figure that's the thing to do.  I wish I had back all the money I have spent over the years.  That was back before folks really became educated about tobacco ( NO EXCUSES )  Although it is a VERY nasty habit, it was a very practical use of tobacco for the times and circumstances.  Many U.K. folks I know don't actually know about my nasty habit.  I try to keep it hidden as I know it can put folks off.  Most folks I work with don't know.  It's only if you spend a long period of  time outside with me that it becomes too difficult to hide; as in the case of the meet.  I won't say I'll change but I do sincerely apologise if I upset anyone and will try harder next time to keep it hidden..


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Danny - after our meeting I was mentally scarred for life. I have managed to reduce the therapy sessions down now to only one per week so there is  a glimmer of  hope - albeit a very dim one :icon_eek:

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Hey Danny, no need to apologise to anybody! we all have our little habits etc.

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Hey Folks.  It was a sincere apology!  If I were one of those touchy, feely type caring persons you might just hurt my feelings!  NAH!!  No chance in that happening!  :icon_lol:


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No need to apologise Danny, no worse than folks chewing gum or whatever. When I was a kid I always envied how well my dad could spit, he could hit the back of the fire from his armchair, gross I know,but brought up in the days when pubs had sawdust on the floor and that's what you did !

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Only 282 days to go !

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Wade, how many days till Christmas?

You need something to occupy you mind!

Smokin Monkey
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i'll try and get it booked on Monday and bring a gazebo no Idea what to bring food wise

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Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to bring my BBQ/Smoker, as it's a beast,  so food wise I will bring something sweet to add a bit of variety if that's OK.  So going off the American BBQ theme I think New York Cheesecake is a good option.  I will just need numbers nearer the time.

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HEY!!! Ewan!!!! Thought you feel off the face of the earth!  Long time no hear buddy.  Glad to have you back.  I may be outta line here but If I may say, And please don't take this the wrong way. We all loved you and your Missus.  You seem to be just a bit shy.  Please don't be!!!!!!!!!   Just jump in here!  You are a VERY fine member of the U.K. Group.  You have many things to contribute.  I am trying to get more input into the Group page.  You have some great skills brother.  Share them with the Group.  It may not be smoking but I am sure there are recipes you have from growing up in Scotland that many of us have no idea about.  This may be a smoking forum but the U.K. Group is not that formal.  If I hear that it has to be them I am finished with the Group and the forum.  I see it as a cooking forum.  Good food is good food and I think we should spread the word.  You may think it is simple cooking but many of us may have never tried some of your dishes.  C'mon mate!  Put it out there.  You are better than you may think!  I tasted that chilli.  Let's see some of those home cooked Scotland meals!  I am interested!  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Ewan, I agree with Danny you, this is a cooking forum! Just wait till you go out and shoot one of those Haggis, and show Danny what you can do with it.

Smokin Monkey
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ive just been really busy with college recently but will come on more now. as for the haggis that will have to wait till they come into season when they are young all 4 legs are the same length and hard to catch and pluck lol

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Originally Posted by ewanm77 View Post

i'll try and get it booked on Monday and bring a gazebo no Idea what to bring food wise


Hi Ewan - Your chilli last meet was divine. If you cannot think of something else you would prefer to bring then please do that again. You will certainly have one person going back for seconds if you do Thumbs Up

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thanks ill bring that anyway. have you tried the recipy?

. was thinking of doing smoked leg of lamb with a chilli cream cheese stuffing and some home made sausage and very good mac and cheese

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:ROTF  At a boy Ewan.  Get in there!  I'll make you a deal.  I am an old welder.  I had a cannon I made. I'll get it shipped over.   How about we go blasting haggis when the season starts??  ( I actually did make a small barrel cannon.  Shot a lump of lead about the size of a golf ball. )  I hear those suckers are really fast.  Grape shot should bring 'em down.  Hey!  Be careful when talking to a redneck American about shooting things.  You may wind up with explosions all around the village.  Did  I ever mention that with military training and what I learned growing up in South Texas can make one he** of a pipe bomb.  Talk about Guy Faulks ( misspelled ) ??  We could have one He** of a display!  Unfortunately shooting haggis wouldn't be much fun.  But if you have anything else up there you need killin around there I'm your man.  Keep Smokin!


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used to make things that went bang when I was younger and lived in the country they frown about that kind of thing in the town. just found out you can smoke haggis

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Rolling Haggis in those papers and lighting it can be tricky! ROTF.gif
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you get a special pipe

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Hey!  NOTHING beats a great explosion!!  Steve and Ewan you both have been missed.  Haven't heard from either of you for a while.  Glad to have you back takin tha piss.  Welcome home.  Keep Smokin!


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