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Anyone tried this pot?

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Its a 32 QT Imperial Home pot. They have them on eBay from $19.99-$27.99 with free shipping. I made mine with a vasconia pot and love it but all the Imusa pots I have tried are to big for the smokey joe lid. I know they can be modified but I would rather not have to. So has anyone tried the Imperial pot? If not, I may order one to see.
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Haven't heard of anyone, on multiple forums that have ever tried that pot. Or have even mentioned it. The Hoffritz tamale
Pot I have is perfect, but only carried locally from what I can tell and not available online.
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I have done a mini-WSM build with a non-weber kettle cooker, and another build with a non-standard 40 quart pot.  The simple rule of thumb is measure everything for fit.  The Pot's base needs to be measured, as well at the top.  Compare them with the measurements of your cooker base and lid.  Frequently the lid of the pot can be used as an "adapter plate" to improve fit to the weber kettle base.   If the pot is not available for you to measure, see if you can sweet talk them into measuring one for you (I got the vendor to measure one in their warehouse for the 40 quart pot I bought).  Simply put, measure everything before purchase.  If the top and bottom are a good fit, you are gold. 

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