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Awe man thanksI was right there with ya. Looks great I would like  to try some of that but don't think anyone else would come close to yours with all that love you put into it. :)

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Thank you. Although anyone can make it. I just happened to be were the ingredients are more accessible. LOL


Next time we stuff heads I'll have to remember the camera... its kind of hard though with all that juice dripping down your elbows.

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Foam, don't worry about the camera. Just be sure there is a box ready for you to put a couple dozen in, then into the freezer, then off to your local Fedex to send them to me.

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I had some boxed up ready to go, and they said they only shipped as far as Kankakee?




I actually lived in Kenosha for awhile. I had a cowboy roomate from Kankakee. ROFL, Join the Navy see the world! I had traveled from New Orleans to Orlando fl, then to Mystic Conn. then to Kenosha. The roomate from Kankakee (he joined to get a free look at the world), had done the same things as me but he travelled from Kamkakee to Great Lakes to Great Lakes to Kenosha. Typical service, I had a condition added to my enlistment contract NO submarines, want to guess what I did....LOL

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Foamy you are the man!!!


Looks great.

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